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Free Duck On Me

Hey guys, I'm the one who is in charge of going through all the orders on this website. Just trying to ease our boredom and exhaustion during lockdown with a little game between you and me. The prize for winning this game is a promotional code valued at $68! To play, you'll need to find a string of characters hidden somewhere on this page. Said string of characters can either be the promotional code itself or it could be a clue to where the promotional code is located. HINT: The hidden string of characters needs to be decrypted to reveal the information it contains. 
The Big Boss is not aware that I am conducting this game for all our lovely customers so PLEASE KEEP THIS BETWEEN OURSELVES. If the Big Boss finds out about this game, this game will be terminated immediately.

Please note that the promotional code is only valid for one (1) Peking Duck Set and is NOT valid for a la carte items. You must not use the promotional code to order more than one (1) Peking Duck Set in your transaction. The code can only be used once. We will only deliver to the suburbs listed in our "Delivery FAQ", or you may choose to pick up your order from our store. If you are found to have contravene the rules, or any other rules related to this game, we reserve the right to void your order without prior notification to you.

Please DO NOT DM OR CALL US in regards to this game and/or to ask for the code. We will not entertain any requests for information relating to this game. A new code will be uploaded every week or when it has been found and used by one of you, whichever comes first. However this is not a strict time frame as we may be unable to upload a new code immediately once a code has been found and used, due to circumstances beyond our control. We will endeavour to upload a new code at our earliest convenience to ensure that there is minimal delay to this game. Each new code may be in a different format as the last one, and will be hidden in different places on the website each time.

SPECIAL PRIZE - for those who can get their hands on one (1) new AND unopened pack of Hikifes Chips from Family Mart Japan (see picture) and hand them over to one of the staff members at Le Charme, we will reward you with an AUD$20 Le Charme online voucher, which will be emailed to you. If you have more than one (1), please contact us via email to discuss further.

We reserve the rights to stop the game, and to change or modify any of the terms of the game, at any time and in our sole discretion. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting of the revisions on our website. Terms and conditions apply.

Enjoy & have fun :)        




1/10/2021 9:15PM Code discovered by CY.H pick up order. Thank you & enjoy!

Second round is coming, check back soon.


15/10/2021 12:00am Round 2 code generated. Good luck & have fun :)


15/10/2021 1:04pm  Code discovered by KH.L pick up order. Thank you & enjoy!

Third round is coming, check back soon.


28/10/2021 1:41pm Round 3 code generated. Good luck, have fun and Happy Halloween :)